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Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin

Go Big or Go Home… Pets Stay Safe, Stay Home
Happy Dog Running in Grass
You want your dog to be able to play and run freely outside, safe, happy and at home. You want to do right by your dog with pet fencing. You want the freedom…

Providing pet owners with the safety and freedom of underground dog fencing has been a passion for Bob Dewelt since 2005. Owner of Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin, and multiple dogs, Bob understands the importance of keeping pets safe and healthy in the confines of their own yard and home. Dogs love their space. Some need more space than others. Bob knows. He went BIG with Irish Wolf Hounds, the tallest of all dog breeds, his weighing in over 165 pounds.

Happy Dog, Happy Life?
It’s more about giving a dog a happy life and making the owner happy…” Bob Dewelt on why he got into the pet containment business... and why he hears one particular phrase over and over… “This is the best money we’ve ever spent.”

Pet Stop, the Invisible Fence® alternative, is very affordable and the most technologically advanced pet containment system in the market. Pet Stop fencing is also incredibly cost effective with larger properties compared to above ground fencing. With unobstructed views for you and more free time for you and your pet, whether you have a gentle giant or a mighty miniature… Pet Stop hidden fencing will be money well spent.

Dog Playing with Blue Ball

Your IMAGINATION is the Only Limit to the Areas We Can Manage with Pet Fencing…Outside and Inside
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein

Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin does a lot of indoor systems as well. We wire condos and entire floors, keep dogs away from the cat dish or litter pan, and off your favorite couch… We keep our dogs away from the kitchen counters. What is your imagination creating right now?

4 Reasons to Call Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin Today to Create a Pet Containment Solution for You

Paw EXPERIENCED EXPERTS - Having installed hundreds of pet fences every year, Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin has created solutions for hundreds of owners, helping thousands of pets stay happy, healthy and securely contained. We have even installed for some local veterinarians.

Paw PET STOPS PREMIUM PRODUCT - Pet Stop is the advanced dog fence solution. “What I like best is that it works so well. Most dogs just take a couple of days to train…” Dogs understand it very quickly and pet owners get a safe, affordable and reliable solution.

Paw CUSTOMIZED PET CONTAINMENT - Have a small area you need a solution for or multiple boundaries protected? Want to keep your pets away from cars in the driveway or from jumping on guests at the front door? Give us a call to schedule your design and installation.

Paw MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin offers a 90 Day Pet Containment Money Back Guarantee. We will work with you and your pet, coming back to change settings and retrain when needed. If we can't contain your dog in 90 days we’ll refund your money. We haven't had to refund any money yet…

Proudly 100% Made in the USA. Pet Stop is the only pet fence manufactured in America.

New Installation, Service and Repair, Replacement Components and Batteries
In addition to designing and installing new electronic pet fence areas, we service all existing Pet Stop hidden fences and competitive fence products such as Invisible Fence, Pet Safe, and Dog Watch etc… Need an Invisible Fence replacement battery or receiver?

Service Areas in South Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois:

Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin serves the Southern Wisconsin counties of Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth.
Contact us at (262)344-2273.

Pet Stop of SE Wisconsin also serves McHenry county in Northern Illinois – Spring Grove, IL.
Contact us at (815)675-DOGS.

About Us

Our training and experience with all types of dogs for the past 10 years shows they all react differently however, half of the time after just one session, we can carry the dogs leash, stand behind the flags and the dog will stay, do nothing and just look at us…It still makes us smile seeing how smart dogs are and how much they want to please, no matter the breed or size. Bob has 2 small mixed breeds and 2 giant Irish Wolf Hounds – Kevin and Rowan.

Do you have a big idea about pet boundaries, a big dog, or big property or simply have a BIG HEART and want to keep your little pets safe? Best money you’ve ever spent? Contact us for a FREE estimate and find out for yourself how we can help you and your pet GO BIG.